Margarita Cantina Rents Frozen Margarita Machines in Los Angeles & Orange County. With over 1,000,000 margaritas served in LA since we started in 1989, you can be sure our ¡Legendary Lime Margaritas¡ will rock the house at your next party!

We want you to know that when it comes to Margarita Machines, you have a choice. All Margarita Machines are NOT created equal, and you should pick the right one for you. Our goal is to provide our clients with the BEST margaritas, with the LEAST work, from the FASTEST machine, for the BEST price. And here's how we do it¡­

Our secret recipe was developed over 20 years ago in the national capital of margaritas, Dallas Texas. It blends the tangy sour lime flavors with the sweet citrus flavors resulting in a mouthwatering experience. And to this day, we still have our Secret Margarita Mix made in Dallas Texas by the same craftsman who developed it over a generation ago.

Our Margarita Machines use Margarita Kegs, so there is no constant mixing and worrying about running out. You mix it once, hook up the kegs, and that's it! They even switch automatically! No changing or lifting heavy kegs! Plus, each machine can hold 5 kegs with over 300 ten-ounce drinks at once! That's 25 gallons! Now That's A Party!

Our Margarita Machines freeze faster than anyone's here on planet earth! Period! Our machines freeze up in 8 MINTUES. That's right¡­.8 MINUTES. No waiting 2-3 hours for granita style machines, no waiting 45 minutes to 1 hour for top loaders, and no forgetting to refill it & waiting the middle of your party!

Our Margarita Machines and products are not cheap. They were never meant to be cheap. They were meant to be the BEST. Since pricing and value is always a client concern, we have made it as affordable as possible without compromising quality. Our Margarita Machine rentals are just $230.00 delivered with cups, straws and your first keg for free!