Margarita Cantina is the original frozen margarita machine company in Los Angeles, since 1989. We strive to bring high service and quality products to all of our clients. We offer two main frozen drink services. First, we offer party rentals, where we deliver and set up a machine or two for private parties. Second, we do concession and event deals, working with venues and festivals to professionally cater the drinks they want to sell. We do both one-day events as well as ongoing deals where the equipment stays.

We offer both frozen beverages as well as margaritas on the rocks. Our full service includes delivering and setting up the sales stands, the equipment, and the product. We provide everything from the sales staff to the straws, including sales reports and concession payments at the events close.

We are able to make both liquor and wine based cocktails. Often times, permitting does not allow for liquor, so we use a special Agave wine, 19% alcohol by volume. It is the same plant that tequila is made from, however it's fermented, not distilled, so that it is legally served under a beer & wine permit.

At every event, we always have technicians on site to set-up, manage, and close the event. This ensures the client that everything will go as smooth as possible. Part of our service is an experienced technician on hand, however the event volume must warrant this service.

Margarita Cantina is a service-oriented company and we realize that everyone in the industry talks to each other. We strive to maintain good relationships with all of our clients, in order to keep our solid reputation, stressing service, punctuality, and integrity in concessions. Our client list includes some of the region's largest festivals as well as some of the smaller ones. We earn most of our event and concession clients through referrals and networking at the events.


While we recognize that service is extremely important, we also know that sales are just as important. With each event we create custom systems to exploit the sales potential. Through doing this, we increased our largest events sales 25% from the previous year. Our client list is proprietary, however we would be happy to share it with you if we sat down, as it is impressive, we just can't broadcast it on the Internet.

We would appreciate the opportunity to sit with you and discuss what type of needs you have and how we might be able to assist you while being value added. Please feel free to e-mail us with some general information about your event and we will contact you and set up a meeting. We look forward to making you money!